The Alarming Impact of Gum Disease

According to statistics, about 50% of adults suffer from gum disease at different stages of their lives. The bad news is that gum disease doesn’t remain restricted to gums only as it has all the potential to turn into an overall health issue. Having that said, getting the disease diagnosed and treated on timely basis is extremely important if you want to retain the best of your oral and overall health. You have to make sure that the dentist you choose for this purpose is qualified to handle disease at every stage.

Periodontal disease

The bacterial infection to gums and teeth is most commonly referred to as gum disease. And if this disease is left untreated, it can lead to the tooth loss. It starts with the bacterial buildup under the gums. This bacterial buildup causes plaque development on the tooth. It then leads to the tooth decay and cavity. Finally, the tooth becomes loose and falls off. Since this disease can progress, you have to make sure that you are going to get it treated at its earliest stages.

Some signs of gum disease

Identifying gum disease is very important. Here, you may wonder about the signs which may help you identify gum disease. Well, there are some symptoms that you will need to watch out for.

  • Bleeding in gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Mouth sores
  • Gum recession
  • Chronic Halitosis
  • Changes in the fit of a dental restoration
  • Swelling in gums

Preventing gum disease

When it comes to prevention of gum disease, you will have to make sure that you are doing everything at home to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Brushing and flossing regularly are the major prerequisites which you cannot ignore in any case. This brushing and flossing can help in getting rid of the plaque buildup on daily basis. Then, you have to pay attention to your diet. Shifting to healthy food intake is quite necessary if you want to avoid or halt the progress of gum disease. Sugar consumption needs to be restricted. Moreover, you will also have to quit smoking and the use of tobacco in any form. Anything which can lead to mouth dryness raises the risk of gum disease. You have to keep it in mind.

Finally, you have to make sure that you are not missing any dental visit. Whether you have the gum disease or not, visiting the dentist can help you stay away from complication. If you do not have this disease, you need to visit the dentist to get preventative dental care.


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